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Tokenize is a team that aspires to build the next generation digital currency exchange that supports established and emerging digital currencies.

Why choose Tokenize?


Easy & Simple to use interface

Navigate through our platform easily. Your trading experience just got better with Tokenize Exchange's easy & simple to use platform.


Bridge that connects fiats to cryptocurrencies

Trusted platform with intuitive UI/UX allowing users to get in touch with cryptocurrencies with fiat conveniently.


Benefits upon benefits

Rates are as low as 0.1% for Platinum users. With the addition of using TKX as trading fees, fees for each execution are negligible.


All in 1 Platform

Get access to established & emerging cryptocurrencies with our platform. Tokenize Exchange supports fiat-crypto pairings, crypto-crypto pairings & ICO (IEO).


Top notch security

IP whitelisting & 2-Factor authentication available for extra security. Hybrid wallet mechanism & multi-signature strategy to guarantee asset safety.


Sharing of knowledge, ideas & values

Users are able to explore & discuss on established & emerging block-chain innovation in our Token Store online. Workshop will be conducted offline as well to educate newcomers.

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Transfer and exchange your preferred digital currency.

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More than 100,000 clients trust us to handle their money everyday

By employing top-tier providers and implementing the best practices for wallet management and identity verification, Tokenize ensures the security and robustness of its platform to provide users with a peace of mind when trading.